When you first create your free account, you're a basic Grey user (= a user with no tokens in his account). You can become a Green user by purchasing any token package. Green users are more likely to attract the models' attention since they can already tip the models and have the opportunity to become Kings, Knights or are simply able to pay for a private show. When you use up all your tokens, you become an ex-Green user, meaning you are still an active member of the community, only without tokens for the time being. The top user level is the Gold membership.

Becoming a Gold member grants you premium advantages and unlocks many features that no other user types have. 

Grey - Users who never bought tokens before.

Green - Users who HAVE tokens and are able to tip models. 

ex-Green - Users who used to be Green, but ran out of tokens.

Gold - Users with a monthly subscription who enjoy the complete user experience to the full with the privileges that can be seen here.

In every model's room you can see all users present, listed by their status, with the exception of the Gold users in Incognito (invisible) mode who cannot be seen by others.